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I Wonder If You Know


A high school au for bittersweetrecovery based off of this post and uh *coughs* this is only just the beginning. 

She wears short skirts I have a penis. She’s cheer captain and I still have a penis. It’s written all over his physics notes because Erica can’t control herself.

“Is he even bi?” she asks under her breath. “Like he’s been dating Lydia for like ever.”

“He’s not dating Lydia,” Derek reminds her. “It’s just a rumor. They’re really close friends.”

She starts adding cartoons next to the lyrics she made up. Derek barely catches her wrist in time from her depicting a cartoon penis on his notes in pen. “Then why haven’t you made a move?” she counters, glaring at him and ripping her wrist from his grip, doodling flowers instead of penises now.

“Because, to go along with your inappropriate lyric changing, he doesn’t belong with me,” Derek half-growls at her.

Her eyes rolls, but she doesn’t look up from her doodling. She’s half out of her seat to lean over Derek’s desk and to doodle over his notes. Luckily, they have a sub today; Mr. Harris would’ve given her detention before she even thought about leaning over to Derek’s desk. Derek can’t decide if he’s actually happy Mr. Harris isn’t here when he looks down at his notes and sees the penis Erica snuck in with the flowers. Of course.

“Fearless,” Erica sings under her breath. “Why don’t you do that?”

“Can we stop making Taylor Swift references?” Derek asks. “This conversation has had enough of them.”

She looks up at him, scandalized, but before she can say anything someone buts in their conversation with, “There are never enough T-Swift references.”

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when yo friend is considering watchin yo favorite show


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